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THE STRETCH MARKS, Partus Press, 2017.
For foreign rights: Laurence Laluyaux,
The Stretch Marks „is a collection of poems that discuss in an aggressive manner the conflict of breaking free from childhood and finding the way
to a truer self. The core of the work is the pain that grows from the piercing sorrow between child and parent. The poems demand reading."  
- The Grass Roots Prize 2017 
The Icelandic Literature Center 

The collection was shortlisted for the Fjöru Prize -
Icelandic Women's Prize for Literature in 2018 and won the Icelandic Bookseller Prize for Best poetry collection in 2017.

„Solid work with an obtrusive voice.“
                            - Einar Falur Ingólfsson.
★★★★ / Morgunblaðið
Fríða is a genious when it comes to fun, even simple imagery that is put forth in a new and interesting context.  
- Jóhanna María Einarsdóttir
★★★★½ / DV
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