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Poland (Biuro Literackie)
Ukraine (Vydavnytstvo)
Denmark (Torgard)
Hungary (Polar Egyesulet)

ITCH, Partus Press, 2018. 
For foreign rights: Laurence Laluyaux,
Stories that have appeared in the English translation of 
Larissa Kyzer:
"Blue Days", published in Words Without Borders
"The Interview" published in The Iowa Review
"Girlfriend #3" published in The Iowa Review
"April 1, 2006" published in The Southern Review
"Profile" published by PRISM International
"Home" published by Comma Press

Does modern life give us all more or less the same itchiness? The short story collection Kláði by Fríða Ísberg is a beautiful example of the breath of spring that young writers can bring to literature. Renewals and changes are among the most important conditions of life for literature; sometimes they arise when new people take the stage and look at topics in a different light. The narrative method is both realistic and modernist. The value of the work lies first and foremost in a strong emotional approach, which requires the reader to relate to attitudes and values in the present time.

The short stories in Kláði are broadly about how it is possible to grow up and be reconciled to the fate that awaits modern human beings. The stories deal with sex and relationships, conflicts between the generations and genders, porn and alienation, stereotypes and the curse of addiction, guilt and oppression, hollow traditions and love that is time-consuming and hard to find, as well as perseverance and a smothering sense of sorrow.

- Rationale of the Nordic Council Literature Prize

„Fríða seems to be the next champion of
the short story.
       - Júlía Margrét Alexandersdóttir
 ★★★★½ / Morgunblaðið
Fríða Ís­berg is one of the most exciting authors I've read in a long time.
                             - Brynhildur Björnsdóttir
 ★★★★½ / Fréttablaðið
„It's a sheer pleasure reading such well crafted stories..
                       - Silja Aðalsteinsdóttir / TMM
Fríða manages to word so many of the thoughts that have been on my mind, consciously or unconsciously, for the past ten years or so, that it is unbelievable. 
And there followed some relief, after reading them finally, put forth crystal clear in such fun stories. Like having a genuinely good conversation with your friend. 
      - Ragnhildur Hólmgeirsdóttir Lestrarklefinn
I'm just going to begin by saying I think Fríða Ísberg is a material for a great author. This is a girl who should just
write and write and write.  
                         - Kolbrún Bergþórsdóttir
TV programme Kiljan
One connected perfectly to all the stories.   
                         - Sigurður Valgeirsson
TV programme Kiljan
"The discussion on human relations and intimacies, and lack of it, lies like a red thread through the book.
It reflects in a perceptive way the demands modern society makes on people, but no less the demands we make ourselves, consciously or not, to others." 
- Fjöru Prize Jury
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