THE MARK, a novel. Published by Forlagið.
- The Bookseller's Award 2021 for Fiction
- Shortlisted to The Icelandic Women's Prize for Fiction
"A novel exploring polarization, partisanship,
prejudice and empathy, The Mark heralds the impactful, full-length debut from one of Iceland’s
most exciting young authorial voices."
Rights sold to: 
France (Éditions Robert Laffont)
Germany (Hoffmann & Campe)
Denmark (Gyldendal)
Netherlands (De Geus)
Sweden (Norstedts)
Australia (Text) 
Spain (Penguin Random House Grupo Editorial)
Italy (La nave di Teseo)
Finland (WSOY)
Norway (Aschehoug)
UK and Commonwealth (Faber)
Brazil (Fosforo)

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"Fríða Ísberg takes the murmur of the present
and orchestrates a biting, witty and merciless
music of tomorrow."
                                  - Andri Snær Magnason

"A future disturbingly close to us ... Fríða's idea

about the empathy test is absolutely brilliant, the

world is incredibly well built and intriguing. The

novel provides countless reflections about the society we live in ... Fríða Ísberg is a clever author and extremely sure-footed stylistically ... She deserves

praise for daring to do something new."

- Morgunblaðið

"Its been a long time since I've read anything this remarkable. Phenomenal." 

- skald.is 

"A gripping and unpredictable novel ...  intriguing

style ... the imagery entertaining, ambiguous and

sleek ... One can 'sink into the story like a hot tub',

to quote the text itself." 


- Fréttablaðið


"Meaning is a tortuous book, sometimes simultaneously, sometimes alternating between philosophical, serious, exciting and funny. The characters are not only written by the psycho-

logical intuition that also characterized Itching,

but they are also unusual and welcome into the

rather self-centered world of Icelandic literature

[...] a breath of fresh air." 

- lestrarklefinn.is

"I have to tell it like it is - this is a remarkable

novel. [...] A book that hits the nail on the head."

- Kolbrún Bergþórsdóttir, Kiljan

"Her characters are so three-dimensional. They

are so full of contradictions, they have complex backgrounds, and she describes them with ...

well, that's when the poet Fríða Ísberg emerges

and gives us an insight to their worlds, state of

mind, feelings and their driving force. [...] Simply incredibly reflective and sharp." 

- Þorgeir Tryggvason, Kiljan